iTeam Secures Their Remote Workforce with the Privatise Remote Office Cluster (ROC).

iTeam Secures Their Remote Workforce with the Privatise Remote Office Cluster (ROC).

4th of February, 2022

Privatise helps leading Managed IT Team & Certified Cybersecurity Assessor secure their remote team with a one-click solution.

“With the Privatise solution, it’s been a pleasure to know that our employees’ networks are secure and protected with the Privatise ROC Virtual Firewall. Privatise has allowed us to continue locking down our work & cloud resources to specific IPs. No matter where the device is in the world, our Privatise agents in the company all share the same static IP.” – James Reed, Technical Director

The Company
A UK-based Managed IT company providing IT administration and support as well as cybersecurity assessments for small & medium businesses. The organization offers a team of IT professionals dedicated to managing their customers’ IT, keeping their customers’ data secure, and passing Cyber Essentials compliance.

Solution Highlights:
● One-click, instant deployment
● Instant pass for Cyber Essentials Plus home-firewall security
● Massive reduction in work securing cloud resources

The Challenge:
iTeam needed to secure their remote team quickly and effectively, while keeping their cloud resourceslocked dow n. To prevent brute force attacks, their cloud resources were locked down to the office IP.
When moving remote, the employees no longer had easy access to the office static IP.

Using legacy hardware solutions to go through the office, and then back out to the public internet was both not practical in terms of bandwidth but also a pain for productivity and slow.


The Solution – Privatise
Privatise was the clear solution for iTeam. Privatise was one of the few solutions that was completely software-based and provided military-grade VPN encryption, a virtual firewall, static company-wide IP, monitoring, & content filtering in an easy to install, one-click setup.

As an IT based company, Privatise was also attractive due to the fact that despite its simplicity, it also could be used for advanced setups like software-based remote Domain Controller integration and provided “Full Control” so that only administrators could turn off or tweak it.

The Results:
Secure Cloud Resources Locked Down to Office & Privatise Virtual Office IPs. iTeam no longer had to worry about brute force attacks & cloud access for remote workers. With Privatise, all the remote devices shared a static IP and were protected by the Privatise Remote Office Cluster (ROC) Virtual Firewall.

Easy Deployment
Privatise was deployed via a quick, silent install on all the devices without any hassle. As an IT based company, the deployment could not have been easier.

Time Savings
iTeam did not have to worry about setting IP rules for every single dynamic and static employee home IP address or setting up secure firewalls in all employee homes. With Privatise, they were given one virtual office IP for all devices protected behind a secure virtual firewall.

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