Beachhead Solutions Now Gives MSPs Comprehensive Windows Security Management in the BeachheadSecure for MSPs® Platform

Beachhead Solutions Now Gives MSPs Comprehensive Windows Security Management in the BeachheadSecure for MSPs® Platform

21st of October, 2022

Included at no added cost, BeachheadSecure for MSPs provides account-wide management of Microsoft Defender AV, Firewall, and Controlled Folders for the most complete PC and device security available

Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), today announced that the BeachheadSecure for MSPs® platform now includes account-wide Windows Security management at no additional cost. With this launch, BeachheadSecure for MSPs directly manages and leverages Microsoft Defender Antivirus, Microsoft Defender Firewall, and Microsoft Controlled Folder Access—in tandem with the platform’s own RiskResponder capabilities—enabling MSPs to automate access controls and secure clients’ devices and data before threats can strike.

“MSPs protecting clients with Windows devices require vigilant and comprehensive security capabilities that they can flexibly command and customize,” said Cam Roberson, VP Sales & Channel Development, Beachhead Solutions. “BeachheadSecure for MSPs is built to match the layered and holistic security strategy that today’s MSPs must provide clients to stay ahead of ever-evolving security threats and ensure ongoing compliance. Adding account-wide Windows Security management to BeachheadSecure for MSPs offers a powerfully straightforward solution for optimizing layered Windows Security tooling, and orchestrating effective threat mitigation responses all from a single console.”

The BeachheadSecure for MSPs platform enables MSPs to manage and enforce a unique layered approach to encryption, and to maintain absolute control over data access across clients’ PCs, smartphones, tablets, servers, and USB storage devices. BeachheadSecure for MSPs offers the ability to remotely remove access to data on compromised devices, or to remotely destroy that data whenever necessary. BeachheadSecure for MSPs’ unique RiskResponder tools empower MSPs to flexibly prepare automated responses to given risks, from invalid login attempts to devices traveling outside of authorized geolocations. RiskResponder works seamlessly with Microsoft security tools, measures threats 24/7/365, and takes automatic action when risks exceed configured acceptable thresholds.

By now adding account-wide Windows Security management, MSPs can easily, quickly, and remotely manage Windows security across all client devices from BeachheadSecure’s single-pane-of-glass console. MSPs can automate and schedule Microsoft Defender scans, harnessing one of the best antivirus software solutions for detecting, blocking, and neutralizing malware while minimizing ransomware risk. Microsoft Defender Firewall similarly enables critical security policy enforcement and account-wide consistency. Controlled Folder Access allows MSPs to protect valuable data from threats, delivering additional safeguards against malware, ransomware, and other nefarious attacks.

Coupling these Windows Security capabilities with RiskResponder offers unprecedented reporting and customizable security response options beyond those offered by Microsoft alone. BeachheadSecure for MSPs additionally protects against nefarious insider risk, compliance violations, credential compromise, and poor user security hygiene. In response to any detected risks to a client’s data, BeachheadSecure for MSPs generates informative logs, alerts, and audit-quality reports to track and serve as the perfect enhancement to all Windows security threat mitigation efforts.

“As an MSP serving clients with Windows environments that must comply with complex security frameworks like CIS or NIST, basic tools like BitLocker just don’t cut it,” said Raffi Jamgotchian, CEO of Triada Networks. “BeachheadSecure for MSPs now makes it incredibly straightforward to implement leading and proven Windows Security tooling to protect clients’ devices and data. Paired with BeachheadSecure for MSPs’ existing encryption, access control, and RiskResponder capabilities, the solution empowers us to automate optimal responses to risk events and achieve protection that goes far beyond what standalone Windows Security has to offer.”

See new resource page on the website to help articulate the new module – which will be included FREE for all their MSPs and Resellers to tap

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Beachhead Solutions provides MSPs with complete encryption, enforceable security policy management, and remote data access control across their clients’ fleet of PCs, Macs, USB storage devices, smartphones, tablets, and servers. From a unified cloud-based console, BeachheadSecure for MSPs delivers the device visibility and control required to keep clients’ data secure and continually achieve compliance mandates. Beachhead’s innovative all-in-one tools, like RiskResponder, offer automatic, customizable, and pre-determined actions to environmental and behavioral risks.

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